About Me

About me:

Hello blogging world! I guess my first step here is to introduce myself to those of you who are reading this, or at all interested in what I have to say. My name is Samantha (Sammy) Ullrich, and I am a third year college student. I am currently majoring in communications with a concentration of journalism and a potential minor in public relations.
I currently write for the school newspaper, and I am taking courses on proper writing etiquette, in hopes of someday becoming a writer/journalist. I am currently employed as a licensing assistant at licensing agency, RJM Licensing, Inc. based in northern New Jersey, and I waitress on the side for some extra ca$h.
I’ve started Quick Feet, Good Eats to not only inform others about the benefits and perks of living and eating healthy, but to also better inform myself. I’m an exercise nerd, and aspiring foodie who wants to share with others the activities and recipes that I enjoy day to day. With so many recipes out there and so many ways to keep in shape, I can only hope those who read the information I write can at least leave with a little more than they came with!
(Please note this is not a diet and weight loss blog. I will on occasion post unhealthy, but incredibly yummy, recipes. It’s okay to splurge sometimes!)
Why blog?
As I’ve mentioned, I want to write as a profession. However, as we all know, the web has changed media as we once knew it. We’ll still have television, and libraries, and a few of us still enjoy reading the newspaper over our morning coffee. But news and articles are now available to us at a click of a button, wherever we are. The web provides the world with an infinite amount of information.
Although the World Wide Web is rapidly finding its way into the homes and pockets of billions of people around the world, I took this cleverly constructed ad in the July 2010 edition of Vogue magazine into consideration:

“In these WIRED times of ours, you might think that PEOPLE don’t read magazines. That the overwhelming ALLURE of the online world has swept them right out of VOGUE. But it’s not true at all. From SEVENTEEN through their SUNSET years, folks are reading magazines MORE than they were just a few years ago. Sure, there’s a FORTUNE being spent online. Bu there’s also a lot of MONEY being spent on magazines, with nearly 300 million paid subscriptions."

While writing for a major print publication and seeing my very own articles in a magazine delivered right to my doorstep is what I’ve always thought would be the scenario, I am in the midst of a generation that might take me on a different path.
What I’m really trying to get at, is that it’s time for me to start blogging!